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Seeing Faith

February 26, 2013


I don’t want my faith to be blind.

I feel like followers of Jesus, myself included, have given themselves a bad rap by simply saying faith is blind. Actually, to be honest, I think it’s a cop out. An apathetic cop out. The lazy persons way of saying “I’m not going to research the truth, I’ll just jump on this Christian bandwagon…if I say the right prayers and “accept” Jesus as my savior, then I’ll be saved”. Like it’s some sort of after life insurance policy.

Faith is not blind for me anymore. Goodbye apathy; I read, I write, read some more, and then I repeat. I read and respect different points of view, which helps me understand my faith more. It means more to me than simply accepting Jesus, I have given myself to follow Him. To become what I can’t be on my own, allowing myself to die so that I can be reborn in Him. That is not blind. When my world starts crashing down, that’s when I find it, my Salvation. I repent. I reach out from my soul, meditate on God’s word, and give myself to Him. I pray.

That’s when I feel the rebirth of joy in my soul.

I’m not sure why it is always in moments that I have been swimming against the current, that I wait to reach out with prayer. It’s like I have to wait until I’m nearly drowning in my life, before I turn to God and say, “I need you”!

Dear God,
I seek You and I am found. I might fall but You are faithful and lift me up from the depths of my despair. I may sabotage myself from time to time, but You are my soul and lift me up. You bring me home when I get lost in the darkness of my mind. Thank you, Lord. Bring to me the understanding that is Your will. Amen.

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