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Curable Disease

February 20, 2013


There are times when we are sick, both mentally and/or physically, and the disease we are diagnosed with is incurable. There’s no quick fix to make it go away, no magic pill to replace the pain and make you feel fantastic, so we try to ride “it”out. Whatever it might be. Maybe we try to make sense of what ails us; cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s, mental illness, and the list could go on.

Lord, breathe life into these dry bones.(Ezekiel 37)

Dear God,
I am scared. I am vulnerable. My thoughts grow dark and I am in desperate need of the light that is You. I surrender it all, I give it all to You, Lord. My heart and soul are open to receive the essence that is yours, I am grateful for Your grace.


There is only one way to accomplish breathing life into dry bones and it doesn’t matter weather you are fighting for your life in the depths of despair or having the time of your life while riding the crest of awesomeness. Let God’s love in, nothing, and I mean NOTHING can separate you from His love.

It’s a choice in your heart. Like me, you can bury the love and put it on the back burner every now and then, until you are being followed by a forest fire. Burning everything you touch with tired and withered hands. Burned out and burning up.

I am reborn again and again in this life. I crash and burn constantly. But my disease, my human condition, my disease of that temporary godlessness, it is curable. No matter how far I occasionally stray from God’s love…the warmth I feel when I reel myself back in is sweeter than any day spent on the beach, soaking up the sun. My heart feels full.

“I feel like it’s been ten shades of winter, and I need the sun!” (One Republic)

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