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Time Travel

June 26, 2012

I have been traveling but not going anywhere.

Not physically, anyway.

My journey starts and ends with Christ, having a relationship with Him. I am often times questioning the very fabric of my newfound faith, traveling to the places of my past and then back to present time. When I travel, I go back to times when I had spirituality in my heart but had no clue how to begin, what to do with it, or where to start.

I remember hot lazy summer days of my childhood, laying on my back in the tall grass, looking into the sky and knowing, just knowing there was more to life.

My trip, however, started during the “daze” of my college years. In the mountains of Wyoming, which was unfamiliar from the plains of the midwest, where I grew up. This quest into my past takes me to a time when Christianity was about the most uncool topic one could discuss. Especially when there were parties to be had, hip music to be played, and a whole secular world to explore. I still, throughout the mayhem, wanted to know Jesus, He was a mystery to me. Was He really a man who walked this Earth? Was He insane? A liar? Or was he really God the Son?

He is still this mystic person to me and my relationship with Him is still growing.

There were a few friends within our circle during the “daze” who would have the God talk, but it was usually on a superficial level and kept quiet. I often times called myself a Christian but was unsure why, so I explored, intimidated by the Bible, I would regurgitate what I heard others say about Jesus being our Saviour. He was never far behind, though, forever the patient traveling companion.

Now, twenty years later, I want to be able to sit across from Jesus at the coffee house up the street and ask, “What’s it all about?”. I want to take the journey with Him.

I want to travel there, to the depths of my heart.

So I am traveling, I just haven’t gone anywhere. I’m finding this trip with Jesus to be messy, confusing, and quite possibly the most satisfying journey yet. On my way, I am exploring what Christianity means to me in today’s world, what Christian spirituality means, and what I’m willing to do about it.

When am I going to start being Christian and not just talk about it?

Giving to the poor, adopting a family at Christmas, going to church on Sundays, repenting my sins – that is all well and good. I’m a good person, but I have a feeling that my travels may be just starting. I’m not sure where my final destination will be, but at least I know I’ll have the best travel partner leading my way.

*This post is inspired by a series in Prodigal Magazine called Travel Stories. Check it out!

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  1. June 27, 2012 1:11 pm

    Yes, it is a journey isn’t it. And it rarely goes to my plan but that’s good.

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