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April 10, 2012


“Joy, let me tell ya something. I have figured out the initials that should be behind your name!”, a client of mine exclaimed to me one afternoon. I thought to myself, “This should be interesting.”, but said out loud:

“Oh yea, Tim? What do you mean?”

“Well, you know that nurses have “R.N.” behind their names and doctors have “M.D.”? I figured out what the initials should be behind your name – “A.M.!”, he said while rubbing his hands together, a grin on his face. Just waiting for me to respond.

“Ok, Tim. A.M., hu? Let me guess, “amateur maid”? Yes?”. He didn’t like that response,

“Oh no, sweetie! It should read: Joy Fischer, A.M. – Angel of Mercy!”


You know, it’s comments like this that make what I do as a caregiver worthwhile. This is why I love my job and my business. But this next comment is really why I love my job, this next one that a client said to me, it is ass kicking.


So, the next day I told my other client what Tim said about my new initials. I was officially an angel of mercy! This other gal, she just happens to be Tim’s daughter. “So, your dad gave me initials yesterday! I’m now Joy Fischer, A.M.!”, I said with a half cocked smile.

My next shift with Tim’s daughter is when my professional initials became cemented; written in stone. “I thought about this angel of mercy stuff, Joy. I think I came up with something more appropriate.”, she said with that dry sarcasm I just love.

“Uh oh, ok. Hit me with it.”, I say.

Joy Fischer, H.A.M. – Hard as a mother****er”.

Yea… I’m about to go H.A.M
Hard as a mother!!er
Let these guys know
Who I am
Yea… I’m about to go H.A.M

-Kanye West and Jay-Z

So that does it, “Hello, my name is Joy and I am hard as a mother ****er.” (in an angel of mercy kind of way)

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  1. Jungle Jim permalink
    April 11, 2012 8:55 am

    Use a rubber.

    • April 11, 2012 11:17 am

      Ba HahahahahA! Not that kind of hard, Jim! I just laughed right out loud. Thank you for the laugh.

      Sent from my iPhone

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