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Owning My Spirituality

February 13, 2012

I’ve been thinking about spirituality and the role it plays in my life. I know, right? Not a big surprise.

This time I’m thinking about the seven deadly sins, our pastor touched on this during his sermon on Sunday. Sloth, anger, lust, greed, gluttony, pride, and envy. It made me really start to think and reflect on myself. Not on all of them, because I’m always breaking one on in some form. Plus that would make for a long and cumbersome post. Hopefully there’s not some psycho, like a Kevin Spacey-ish serial killer looking over my shoulder (I’m thinking of the movie “Seven” – one of my all time favorite creepy movies – I can never watch it without feeling like I’m going to puke). Our pastor made me think, on Sunday, of my own “spiritual sloth”.

Don’t get me wrong, I study the Bible fairly regularly and I pray daily. I try my hardest to live in alignment with God’s will. I view the seven deadly sins, thanks to our pastors guidance, as a tool to guide myself to become a better person. Become a better Christian. Replace pride with humility, greed with generosity, you get the point. Because when we are living in and letting these sins rule our universe, they kick the life right out of us. We pretend things are ok, but what about underneath the facade? We all try to look put together on the surface, at least I do, but what about the core? I now ask myself these questions with regard to my faith:
Am I simply consuming Christianity for myself? How can I take my faith to another level?

Thanks to a reader, Mr. J Jim, who responded to some of my reading the other day, by saying that acceptance is in volunteering. I volunteer in my kids school but that’s about the extent of that. I’m talking about going the distance though, going the extra mile. Getting myself out of my Christian comfort zone, stepping out of my spiritual sloth. Waking from the sleep of complacency. Replacing sloth with a zeal for God’s word.

Ok, so now do something about it, for those in need. Really in need. Sounds good all typed out in this post, now it’s time to act on it. Ok, Joy. What’s it gonna be…

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