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You Silly Goose

January 31, 2012

“Ahhhaaaahhhhrrrggghhh!”, I heard my daughter’s hysterical cry as I was rummaging through the trunk of my car for yet another loaf of bread. I had warned her, too, before we even arrived at the graveyard, “Don’t get too close to them; and definitely do not try to feed them from your hand; just throw it far from your body and if they get too close…run to the car.”. Here she came a running toward me, as my husband and son continued to feed their own personal herds of beggars, I ran around to the backseat and opened the door. In she jumped, “Why does that big mama hate me so much? She gets too close to me!”

Big mama is the white gal right there and I think she just wanted a wonder bread ‘n’ little girl sammich. Instead I told my daughter, “Stay next to me and when big mama gets too close, we’ll stomp our feet and she’ll back off. She just wants all your bread for herself because you have the best.”.

Worked. My daughter trusted my advise, got out of that car with her courage puffed up in her chest, and stomped her little self around big mama. Big mama got the hint because she left my little peanut alone. This was a proud moment for my daughter, “Mom! It worked, I’m not scared and she’s leaving me alone!”.


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  1. January 31, 2012 5:27 am

    I LOVED this story! It reminds me of some of our geese feeding days! 🙂

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