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Law of (E)-Motion, the Third one

December 4, 2011


Isaac Newton

For every action there is an…

We all remember the ending of this statement from some point of our education, right? Say it with me…

…equal and opposite reaction.

Ok. So. Now what? Where am I going with this? You probably know, in the corner of your mind, where I am going with this. Yup. I’m gonna get all God(y) with Sir Isaac Newton.

Actually, this concept was on the Oprah channel, my mom told me about it and I became intrigued. This needed some blog-attention. Joy style, I’m gonna Joy it up in he-ya!


Energy. Everything, EVERY single thing in our universe is made up of energy. It is from our God, our creator.

Well, we have this energy within us, too. As beings of God, His energy must be activated within ourselves by acceptance. From a Christian stand point, and my beliefs, this is by accepting Jesus as our savior. It is when God came to us here on Earth and actually walked among us to prove to us all that He is a loving and kind and forgiving God. His energy while He was here was radiant. Thank you for that, Father. Thank you!

So the question becomes this…
Do you put positive energy out into the universe?

Because I firmly believe that what you put out, in terms of positive and negative energy – AKA our moods and emotions – comes back atchya to either love ya up or to kick yur arse.

Do you ever notice this when you surround yourself with negative individuals? Maybe it’s you. Or…Maybe it’s that friend or relative that always takes the negative spin on life? How is that working out for them? How is it working out for you? How does that make you feel after spending time with them or with yourself?

Exhausted. They drain your energy. Those people need the love from the one who created this universe. No matter how hard you try to convince them, it is a free will decision they must make from within. You can gently push them toward God because it will fill them with the grace and wisdom that is needed to survive here on Earth.

It is why, when we were created, intentions were to fill our hearts with the love of God – and not accepting God’s love is when your core energy gets all jumbled up.

Energy in- prayer, thoughts, beliefs, words- they all contain energy. This is why people tell you t be careful what you pray for, you’d better be ready for what comes your way.

The Golden Rule, it is a blog post of mine from a while ago. This “Golden Goodness”, it sounds a lot like the Third Law of Motion (emotion). Yes?

I subscribed to this blog not too long ago and her post the other day was about this concept, in a way. It was entitled – Making Life Better. I just want to share that because I really like her message.

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  1. December 5, 2011 9:31 am

    I loved this post!! We sometimes forget that it’s a choice to be happy/ positive!!Thank you for reminding me!!

    • December 5, 2011 11:34 am

      Roxanne, I am glad you read my post. Yes it is a daily reminder for me too! Thank you for reading!

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