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Craving Customs

December 1, 2011

I am a stickler for starting little meaningful *gulp* traditions for my family. They may roll their eyes or snort at me but I know that deep down on the inside, they crave the customs I create. Um, I hope they do anyway.

So, here are two of the ones from Thanksgiving:

1. All guests must write in the handy dandy thankful notebook —

Being thankful is a must for everyday but an absolute on Thanksgiving.

2. Name That Bird!. Yes, I have all of our guests come to the party with a name for the turkey. This year the big winner of the wishbone was “Dick Gobbler” – we are a sick crew. But the runners up were, “Mia Neckwaddle” and “Maya Fethersitch”. That is fun and it is something the kiddos love to participate in, they even start planning ahead for the next year.

Now a couple from Christmas, the last two are new this year:

1. The Peppermint Pig —
I love this guy, it is the first Christmas tradition I started with my husband and my kiddos.

You can read about it here, on the website of the candy maker.

2. The other family custom that my kids look forward to every year is that they get to pick out and buy a Christmas ornament after Thanksgiving for the tree. They can’t wait to unload the ornament boxes and reminisce over their selections from years past. It personalizes the decorating process for them.

3. This year we are “adopting a family” for the first time through our church. The results of this will probably be a blog post on it’s own —


4. The Jesse Advent Tree, we are starting this tomorrow and, once again, this will be a blog post all it's own and maybe even a few to track our progress. Here is our progress so far–


There you have it, some of the customs in my universe…

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