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What is Your Pharaoh?

October 31, 2011


What keeps you from feeling free in your heart?

This is a question we were asked at church the other day and it resonated with me, once again. We had the little rundown of God and Pharaoh and Egypt and Israel. Yada and yada and yada. He (Pharaoh) was keeping the people of Egypt bound in slavery and away from His riotousness.

“Let my people go…”, as we all know, is what God commanded of Pharaoh.

For sure, I like this analogy, I think we are all bound by a “Pharaoh” in our own personal “Egypt”. It is when we let our God reside in our hearts that we can banish our personal Pharaoh(s) out of our heads and get out of the trenches of our Egypt. This is what I talked about a few weeks ago in my post entitled Transidental Transcendence In the Trenches of Alzheimer’s. I have been writing about my Pharaoh’s often lately like in the post Life Thru My Blogger Eye.

Pharaoh, a ruler of ancient Egypt, is in today’s language synonymous with oppressor. I think that for me, I have been my own Pharaoh. I kept myself oppressed when I stopped taking care of me, I stopped taking care of my spirituality, I was trying to be wonder woman and that didn’t always work out very well. I let my insecurities run my show and lived in this high frequency state of anxiety.

So my question would be this,
If you don’t have your faith or spirituality of some sort, how do you find the peace and the calm in your heart and soul to deal with your Pharaoh? I’m probably beating a dead horse here, but that’s how I roll. As my little brother says, we don’t just beat our dead horses, so to speak, we pour acid all over them until there are no horses left.

So, besides self medication, how does one achieve peace without spirituality?

Here is my fortune the night before publishing this post, educate yourself and free your heart. Thank you, universe.

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