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Life Thru My Blogger Eye

October 21, 2011



I mentioned this blogger eye in a previous post that you can find here. It’s the moment I came up with this catchy title you see up there and I just knew it would make it’s debut someday. This is some day, isn’t it?

This post kind of ties in with my theme this week, I guess. Forgiveness, anger, and now awareness. Or therapy. Am I growing up? Is my bloggie wog helping me grow up? Yes. Sounds strange. But that’s me and I’m kind of – er – strange.

Can I get a hallelujah?

How’s about an amen?

All blogging belligerence aside, I would say that this is the year I have become more aware. More in tune with my self. My awareness of self has become heightened. I have put my faith in the drivers seat and It helps me find peace in my heart. That and it quiets the insecurities that like to scream inside my head. The ones that like to let me know that I’m not smart enough or witty enough or that I need to keep up with the super moms on the block. I have been able to shut down those asshole voices in my brain and give them a dose of Natalie Dee. Really, check out that quote right there, if you haven’t already, because I just love it – and I think you will too.


Oooo, look at that blogger eye. That is my eye; with all the lines and grooves that I embrace. I’ve lived; and I’ve laughed; and I’ve loved; and I’ve earned every last line you see there. I cherish those memories. Um – until they overwhelm me and then I’ll shoot em up with the Botox. No, never…I love those wrinkles…a little bit a lot.

Back to this year, 2011, it is the year of Joy. Me. I have come out of a very dark place riddled with Alzheimer’s, death, a bad marriage, depression, and anger. I’m entering another realm, a new chapter, and I thank God for tapping me on the shoulder to let me know He was there for me through it all. I was often so busy that I put my self and my faith up on the shelf and they sat there, forgotten, for years. The dust that collected on and around my self and my faith became the depression that settled in my soul.

So I said it, “Get Fucked” depression, and “Get Fucked” separation of marriage, and “Get Fucked” grieving for all of it – if you neglected to click on the Natalie Dee up there, well, this may not make sense. I’m going to work this out, my husband wants to work this out, together. Yea, so that’s what we are doing – working it out and getting, um, well – you know.

I started writing and blogging and it helped me work it out. So, thank you God; and thank you Blogger Eye; and thanks to my bloggie wog; thanks to all that for giving my self and my faith a nice little path to get off of that dust filled shelf.


This one is, by far, the weirdest blogger eye.


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