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Bonsai to the People

October 9, 2011


As my friend and I were driving up the street one day, we stumbled upon this fabulous sign: “Bonsai to the people, one day only.”. We drove past just a chatting and a chatting and I had missed it all together. “What the heck was that?”, she said pointing back to the direction of the sign. “Hu, what sign?”, I responded as I was driving and straining my neck to see the sign. Which was not a very wise thing to do, seeing as how I was in the drivers seat and driving the car.

My friend went on, “Man, we need a picture of that, Bonsai to the people!”. Plus we thought perhaps it was like free bonsai to the people day – until we saw the fine print on the lovely signage about Visa and Mastercard. Then we realized that there was an enormous semi truck carrying mass quantities of bonsai. It was like the Walmart of bonsai. So, later that day I drove past the bonsai sign and snapped the photo up there, it is not a very good photo but driving and taking pictures at the same time is very frowned upon. So I took it while sitting at the stoplight.

Now this is our new substitution for cursing, “bonsai to the people”, or simply “bonsai”! What a wonderful gift from the universe that day. Bad words are so much fun to say and sometimes effective in expressing anger or excitement. But even better than saying those ugly words is to replace them with a beautiful little tree. You can’t just go around saying bad words all the time, it makes you sound like a jerk. Off. A jerk off. !Bonsai.! Take something ugly, the bad words, and make it beautiful, bonsai.


So I came up with a few scenarios from this past week in my life when my new favorite word came in handy.

1. My son got in a fight at school?

2. I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award?

3. I had a difficult client?

4. My husband is taking us out to dinner and I don’t have to think about cooking. Meaning actually planning what to cook, doing the cooking, hoping the family likes the cooking, and then the awful chore of cleaning up after the cooking!

There you have it, my blog post for the day. Hey, at least I’m writing. Right? I’m just feeling fluffy and I’m avoiding thinking too much about anything of much importance. Fluffy blog posts are not a crime, they are fun. I wonder if it is because I’ve been really working on my book about Alzheimer’s Disease. Working on making it more in depth because I feel like it is too shallow at this point. So my book is getting all of my deep thoughts and my bloggie blog is becoming fluffy thoughts. Aw, bloggie I love you even when you are fluffy.

Anyhoo, bonsai to you!

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  1. October 9, 2011 2:41 pm

    That’s awesome! I think we can all use some Bonsai!!

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