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Green Eggs and Blog

September 23, 2011


That’s right, Green Eggs and Blog. I said it, it sounds cliche and I’m not ashamed. Not even one bit.

I’m just wondering, though, have any of you ever heard of people referencing this book as great inspiration? I’ve known successful and brilliant men and women, when asked to name their all time favorite book, respond with – “Well, Green Eggs and Ham, actually.”.

Yup, thats right, those guys did not list any classic novels or any seven steps to greatness -inspirational type of book- not even the great book, The Bible. No, these business people are taken with the simplicity of the message in this children’s book by the late and great Dr. Seuss.

Then I started thinking about this character, Sam. “That Sam-I-am”, yea, he was one determined sales man. Seriously. The dude did not stop, he absolutely did not take no for an answer. He sold the heck outta those green eggs and ham.

So then I thought about it and how I can learn from good ole Sam, with regard to my writing. See, if you don’t do a little self promotion then people won’t recognize your product – in this case the book(s) – as something serious.

See, like this guy. He does not want any eggs or ham — yet.

Then Sam began wearing this guy down with his persistence and sales pitches; in a car, on a boat, on a train, in the rain – no this guy was going to have nothing to do with it, Sam! Until finally, Sam got him to try it out, just take a bite.

Oh, lo and behold, he liked the darn green eggs and ham and he was just ready as heck to eat them anywhere! Oh glory days, Sam made the sell!

So, what am I learning today from the good doctor? Dr. Seuss, that is. Well, let me tell ya. Sell yourself – er, I mean – self promotion is a good thing. Stand behind your writing and sell it, query your arse off and then query some more.

See, like Sam, in all his glory, unashamed and proud. I am Sam and I sell green eggs and ham.


Here is my new motto: I am Joy, unashamed and proud of my books. I’m, um, gonna try to sell them some day when I’m a – er- grown up? Or more grown up, since I’m almost 40.

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  1. lunarmoth permalink
    September 23, 2011 3:50 pm

    “Shameless?” I certainly hope so! There is in fact no reason to be ashamed of persistent self-promotion. I completely agree with your post, and I really like the reference to “Green Eggs and Ham!” I had never thought of it that way before, but it is definitely motivational. I remind myself that Thomas Edison tried over 1,000 ways to make a light bulb before he found a way that works, and that Colonel Sanders visited 1008 restaurant owners before he found someone who was interested in his fried chicken recipe. They didn’t give up, and neither should we!

    • September 23, 2011 4:07 pm

      Thank you, lunarmoth! Yes, keep going!!


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