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Leading Me to the Light

September 21, 2011


That’s my dog Wally, leading me into the light. He is a baby Yorkie and hard as crap to train. How, you may be asking yourself, is this small and darling and stubborn and hard as crap to train little dog going to possibly lead anyone to any kind of light? Enlightenment. The incredible lightness. I’m not sure yet either, but I’m going to find a reason and it’s gonna probably happen right now.

Ok, here it is: he is leading me to the light of self discipline. Cuz he needs some and so do I. We just need some conditioning in different areas *sigh* obviously. Really, I didn’t need to point that one out but I did it anyway, his is in the defecating and urinating in the house area. Mine being in the sit down and work on that memoir category.

Here is what happens with the lack of self discipline. I had sixty minutes set aside yesterday to write, got all discombobulated and bam! I turned into a crazy baker, not a crazy writer.


Today is a new day, though. I will try and try again to make more progress in my memoir about Alzheimer’s and being a caregiver and having bambinos to care for and trying to keep it all together without it all falling apart.

Have a fabulous day, you people out there in the blogosphere.

“Most of the shadows of life are created by standing in our own sunshine. ”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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