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One of the Great Ones Was Born This Day

September 17, 2011

Today is the day my Grandfather was born. What an amazing day, I will try to celebrate him and pay homage to him in some way each year. This year it will be via my blog. We had some really great times with him, even in his demented state. He taught us life lessons that no one else could and he had Alzheimer’s Disease.

We had the local paper out last year and our family was featured in a story:

Grandpa was a kind and loving and patient man, he always had time to sit with you and tell you a little story from his dwindling memory bank. Stories of his past or his childhood or his father. Stories of his own dad were his favorite, he would tell us how brilliant he was at his trade. My great grandfather was a painter and he wanted Grandpa to become his partner in the family business. No, Grandpa wanted to become a doctor. Great Grandpa was disappointed, “Being a doctor is fine, but you should learn a trade and then you can always make a living.”. This always made Grandpa chuckle, as if being a doctor wasn’t a good trade. He became a pediatrician, and having my children around him for those five years was awesome. He was awesome and I miss him a lot, RIP Grampy! And HaPpY BiRtHdAy!


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