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I Want to Ride

September 17, 2011


I watched my daughter, in amazement this summer. She had that gleam of determination in her eyes, as she told my husband and I that she wanted her training wheels off. Her safety net, she was ready to ride without that comfort of knowing she wouldn’t tip over. Then the practice and repetition started, on this little tiny pink bicycle. All the girl wanted to do was ride, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed time. She looked like a daddy long legs spider as she would take off down the sidewalk, the wobble would start and her long legs would fly out from the sides onto the ground to catch herself from road-rash.


In this moment, I felt a rather strange and far fetched kinship to my daughter in regard to her need to ride. It felt similar to my need to write, so when she asked me for what felt like the fiftieth time in twenty four hours to ride her bike, I felt obliged to help her out. Walking behind her biting my fingernails the entire time. I get the same way when I’m feeling inspired, I must get my thoughts on paper or on keyboard or on iPhone. It may be first thing in the morning or right before bed, but I feel that steely determination I see in my daughters eyes. I must do this, I must write. Just as, I suppose, my daughter must ride.

So, I need to start thinking about taking my training wheels off. Just like my daughter did, get myself out there and join a writers group or take a class. My safety net? It is keeping this a secret from those around me for fear that I will be judged or that folks will laugh at me when they read what I have written. And not the kind of laughing because it is funny, because at times I am kinda funny. And not just funny looking, like ha-ha funny. So,

To quote the late and great Freddy Mercury:
“…you make the rockin world go around. GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE!”

Then I’m gonna quote the semi-mediocre me in the here and now:
“Um, get out that fancy journal with your favorite pen and write or join a group – er – rock on!”

Isn’t this the rock on sign? Because I get it confused with the I love you sign.


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