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Big Balls

September 17, 2011


“I’ve got big balls, I’ve got big balls. And they’re such big balls. Dirty big balls. And he’s got big balls. And she’s got big balls. But we’ve got the biggest balls of them all.”
– AC/DC (1981)

Nuts, gonads, family jewels, nads, bards, bollocks, nuggets, love spuds – ok, enough. You get the point, right? Well, that’s not the point I’m trying to make, I just got carried away. Plus I needed an excuse to use this really raunchy photo I took of the big bull that won first place at our state fair, Mr. Big Balls himself.



Anyhoo, back to my point for this post. Being ballsy. I find such inspiration and at times I feel breathless at some of the brutal and complete honesty of some of the posts I read lately. It takes some big kerbangers to put your words out there for all to read. Enough with the vulgarity, really, I am humbled when I read some of your blogs and I thank you for your insight.

Sometimes I feel less alone reading all of your posts. So, cheers to all of you out there for having big enough cojones to put your heart out there, it is appreciated.

Ps. I had an abnormally fun time finding all those ways to say balls, just giggled like a kid. So…sorry.

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