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Blog Jealousy

September 14, 2011


“Ok, seriously. Look me in the eye *snort* and tell me you are not jealous of my blog. You are jealous and mad because I have a hobby that makes me happy. Writing makes me happy.”

This is a statement I actually blurted out to my loving spouse the other day. We were having a nice heart to heart, no children underfoot or interrupting, no animals staring at us begging for scraps of food, and we were having-you guessed it – alcohol. Fun times were being had by both. Oh and we were eating “good food”, which pretty much means anything other than macaroni and cheese. Ahhh, life was good. We were being a couple – trying to communicate feelings – with alcohol. That was a problem, check equation below. See, I know better than this, what in the world was I thinking?

Man(husband) + woman(wife) + alcohol + feelings(expression) = possible mayhem

I ended up getting all offended and insecure about writing, even though he said nothing offensive. It’s like I turned into this crazy-alcohol filled-insecure wanna be writer chick and put all these words into his mouth and then got offended. So basically, I offended myself – self sabotage. I hate when that happens. I loathe when the self esteem about my writing goes in the crapper. It’s because my heart and soul goes onto the blank space, I put it out there – to the universe. Anyhoo, blah blah di blah. I’m working on growing that thick skin everybody always talks about.

So, lesson for today:
Don’t do that, don’t accuse a person of being freaking jealous of your blog, not that you would but, er, just in case. Cuz it’s pretty darn embarrassing.

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