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THIS is Why I Love Wyoming

September 10, 2011


Wyoming. This is where I spent nine years in the nineties. I love this quote because it’s true, not a lot of people in the state. Solitude. Beauty.

Wyoming is where I learned about life and love and nirvana. The band. Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam and Eddie, Smashing Pumpkins and Billie. Ah, those were the daze, shopping at the local Salvation Army and wearing flannel. The biggest concern in life at times were if we could find that ever so illusive perfect fitting Levis. Then if we could make it to the local punk rock show in someone’s garage. Oh, and make it to class, since we were in college and all. Perhaps that is why it took me six years for the degree in El. Ed. Well, not perhaps but most likely – er – definitely.

I love you, Wyoming. My memories are fond. Especially the fondu party I had that one time, that memory is a fond-u one.

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