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Sample of My Universe…Chapter Two

September 9, 2011

First read the Intro:

Then Chapter One:

If you would like to read excerpts from the previous chapters before reading the sample from chapter two, click one of the above above.

“Back to the renovation of the basement – where my family and I were going to live – the basement. Grandpa was a trooper. We had transformed his home from a peaceful and quiet elderly house to a young family’s hustle and bustle. I think Grandpa liked the busy household, it gave him something to worry about – a reason to live. When he seemed especially upset or the noise from the renovation in the basement was becoming too loud, we would be there to get him out of the house or to calm his worry by just sitting at his side. He needed constant reminders though.

I quickly learned that verbal reminders did not last long with Grandpa. He could ask me the same question about the noise downstairs just a few minutes after I gave him a long winded explanation. I can hear it now and feel my frustration. Grandpa was good at sneaking up on you, stealth like a ninja. “What in the world is going on down in my basement?”, he would ask with a tap on my shoulder. Then he would give what we coined as the “Clint Eastwood look”. Grandpa had some sort of defect in his left eye and was legally blind. I want to say it was a b-b gun accident but I kind of know that is not the truth, but it is more interesting than the truth – therefore we will stick to that story.  Since Grandpa had this bum eye from the b-b gun accident,when he was being stern or disapproving, it would close a bit and he looked as if he would blurt out, “Go ahead, make my day.”.   Seriously though, he scared me when he would sneak up on me like that, “Oh Grandpa, hi, you startled me.”. Oh boy, I just told him all of this, do I really have to tell him the whole story about the basement again? I have a toddler here in the kitchen and I’m trying to make these rice crispy treats as a little cooking project. Oh man, the marshmallows just over flowed in the microwave. “Um, Grandpa. We have some workers here fixing up the basement so I can live down there with my family and we can help you around the house.”. A sticky mess is now all over my hands and my three year old is sticking his entire hand in the gooey marshmallow and licking his digits. Grandpa looks disgusted with us, my Grandma would have never done anything so uncivilized like this in this kitchen, “Why would you want to live in the basement?”, my Grandpa asks in all honesty. “UM – I’ll tell you in a second, Grandpa. Here, have a seat and read this paper. Do you want a snackaroo?”. I asked trying to divert his attention.

Diversion was always better than asking the three words I detested, “Don’t you remember?”. ”

     -from “My Universe Came Together, While it was Falling Apart” – By ME

A photo of the way down to the basement.


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