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Sample of My Universe…Chapter One

September 8, 2011

Go to the previous post to check out a sample of the introduction.

Here are my Grandparents. The most amazing people ever, I love them very much. 20110908-110930.jpg

Just don’t double dip with the samples. Whatever that means. Me just trying to be clever.

Random sample from Chapter One:

This brings me back to February 17th, 2005. Back to that phone conversation with my mom, “Hi mom, ohmygosh! Guess what? I’m pregnant, hurry and tell Grandma! Are you at the hospital? Tell her!”. I was seething with excitement and running all of my words together and practically yelling into my phone. My mom was quiet. Did I hit the mute button? “Mom, did you hear me?”, I asked. She finally replied, “Joy.” Oh no, she called me Joy, something is wrong, “Grandma just passed away and I’m with Grandpa. We are downstairs at his house trying to get the laundry done, I literally just got the phone call from your Aunt. I’ll call her right now, maybe Grandma’s spirit is still there.”. I was numb, stupefied, paralyzed. My world collapsed. I was hysterical again, but not in a good way. My husband got another phone call about five minutes after the first one – the one I was so happy and laughing in because we were pregnant. I was sobbing this time, no more elation in my voice. “She’s dead.”, I tell him, “I thought this news would make her want to live. Oh God, help me! It hurts too bad.”. To which he replied, “Stop crying so hard, baby, you’re going to miscarry. I’ll be home in a few minutes.”. But my newly conceived baby was too strong for that. It was a beautiful circle of life, I found out about the arrival of my little Katie the moment my Grandpa’s little Katie departed. How was that for the universe coming together?

– from My Universe Came Together While it Was Falling Apart — By ME

There you go. Sample number two from this memoir of mine about the time I cared for my Grandpa. He had Alzheimer’s Disease and I was his caregiver, with my husband and our two children. We were all demented, in a good way. Sometimes in a good way.


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