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Sample of My Universe…The Introduction

September 7, 2011


I am going to do it, I am going to start posting little blurbs of my book. I have 40,000 words and 130 pages typed. This is a memoir of some of the times I had with my family as we were caring for my Grandpa. He was diagnosed with the disease of Alzheimer’s in like 1985, he had Memory problems for a really long time. When Grandma passed away, my husband and I decided to take care of him in his home so he would not have to live in a nursing home. Our son was 3 and I was pregnant with our daughter at the time we moved in with Grandpa. I want to post some of my writing every now and then here on my blog, starting from the beginning of the book. Here it goes:

Part of the Introduction:
“Being a stay at home mom was not going to be affordable for my husband and I, at the time, but it was necessary for my survival. I helped Grandpa and he helped me more, caring for him made it possible for me to stay home with my babies. I helped him stay in his home of fifty plus years where his memories were anchored and he helped me create memories for my children. Had he been forced to leave the sanctuary of his home, his memories would have scattered and his universe would have sunk into an abyss. The abyss called Alzheimer’s Disease. My husband and I arrived with our menagerie of animals and children, which may have driven him crazy at times, but we all kept him anchored right on the edge of that bottomless pit. The funny aspect here though, is that caring for him kept me secured right next to him — not from the Alzheimer’s abyss but the abyss called my life. I learned more about myself sitting on that edge and will be forever grateful. Now that the Alzheimer’s abyss is no longer in my life, my compulsion has become to record the memories of my Grandfather.

A memory compulsion. A memory epidemic. ”

There it is. A blurb.  Hopefully you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoy writing it, I will post samples from here on out from this book.  This should be fun.


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