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Part Two of the Praying Mantis

September 6, 2011

We had to let the two males go, they weren’t eating, I think they missed big mama too much. Their little praying mantis hearts were broken, they didn’t realize we were actually saving their little selves from decapitation though. Big mama was vicious.

She patiently waited for her kill, she never just went all out. It would take a good hour for her to finally kill and eat that little grasshopper. That is what I am learning from big mama, patience. Go for the kill in life but take my time – things don’t have to happen NOW. Not that I’m thinking of killing like big mama, but I admire her patience.

I find that I am impatient with many aspects in my life – my marriage needs to be better, the memoir of my experience with Alzheimer’s done NOW, published ASAP, kids In all the right activities. No, wait. What would big mama do? Patiently wait it out. Be patient, little grasshopper.

Ha! I’m a nerd. A big nerd.

Describe your favorite reading/writing spot.
My Bye World
My favourite writing spots are my desk which luckily I have a big enough lounge to have one at the end of it and not to take up the rest of the room. Here is where I do my ‘serious’ stuff. My second is my bed. There I usually reserve it for journaling and Blissercizing*. Reading I have to do sitting up otherwise I fall asleep. But my favourite place to read is on a long train journey. *Rocket Fuel for the Soul Blissercise Seminar Manual By Jim Kitzmiller


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