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I Got Me Da Blues.

August 31, 2011

The picture here at the bottom is of my green journal, the fabulous one I spoke of in the other post.

Well this post is going to be about my cute and stylish and hip little blue journal though. It is the journal that I picked up while my husband and I were having marriage problems and it was the major aid in this book number two of mine. This book – um the blue journal – is my space to put my negative feelings. My angry person journal, if you will, and the thought process for it was that when I shut that nice leather bound journal, the anger would stay contained within. However, I did not do that in the book about paternity, you know, rage the entire time. There is nothing more annoying than the memoirist that uses their memoir as one big huge 250 page bitch session. This book about paternity delves into my anger but also into how I came to keep it under control.

So, I have been journaling and it became a hobby of mine, writing. I love to create this piece of work that will have the possibility of helping others process life. We will see where this takes me, but I am going to blog about how I am making progress with becoming a writer.

Who knows, maybe some day I will be a good and legitimate author. It could happen even though there have been people in my life who think it is silly for me to write. That will be the next topic…


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